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Episode 135: How Building Materials Are Impacting City Planning

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Clark Manus is the CEO of Heller Manus. In this interview, Clark shares how to plan and design cities when new variables continue to be added. He also shares how building materials are impacting city planning.

This week The Mission Daily is presenting interviews from our new podcast, The Future of Cities. You can subscribe to The Future of Cities by visiting themission.co/cities.

Show Notes

3:50 – What Makes A City Great

11:26 – How Building Materials are Changing

15:38 – How Cities Are Planning for the Future

21:45 – How to Balance the Many Needs of a City

33:50 – What it Takes to Grow A City

39:15 – The Value of a Walkable City

41:41 – How to Get the Resources for Change

The City of Oakland
Heller Manus Architects

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