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Episode 201: Healthy Living in Silicon Valley and How It’s Different

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Everyone’s body is different. You can’t treat others’ health advice as if it is true for everyone. The only way you can find out what really works and doesn’t work for you is to experiment.

In this episode, Chad (Twitter: @ChadGrills) and Steph (Twitter: @StephPostles) chat about why being healthy is so different in Silicon Valley compared to other places in the U.S. They also talk about how important it is to invest in yourself and why you should run experiments with your health.

[2:20] Heath Is Different In Silicon Valley

  • Heath is different in Silicon Valley because it is all about experimenting with your body.
  • Much of mainstream science such as the food pyramid was and is still so wrong.
  • In Silicon Valley, people are empowered to run experiments with their health.
    • There is an inherent distrust for rules and authority in Silicon Valley.

[5:00] Find Your Tribe

  • Find your tribe so that you get freedom and permission to run your experiments.
  • Spend more money on your diet and body. Start investing in your biology.
    • Stop worrying about money and start investing into your biology.” -Chad
  • Do you while continuing to look for your tribe. Don’t give up.
  • “Be the encourager, not the accuser.” -Chad
  • Change your small habits. Ask to have a coffee meeting while walking outside.
  • Boulder, Colorado’s recent renaissance is partly because of Silicon Valley investment.

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