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Episode 196: Friday Hangout: Lessons From Horseback Riding And Working With The Yankees

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In this Friday Hangout, Ian (T: @ianfaison) and Chad (T: @ChadGrills) are joined by Mission Daily Producer Hilary Giorgi (T: @htag24)!

Hilary shares the lessons she learned from working with the New York Yankees for five years, and how being an equestrian has made her a better writer. The crew also makes a VERY special announcement about the next season of The Story!

[0:30] Ian and Horses

  • Fun Fact: Ian can’t remember if he’s ever ridden a horse.
  • For this episode of Mission Daily, we are joined by producer Hilary in studio!
  • Can you guess what form of transportation Ian calls a ‘worm hose’?

[3:55] Who’s Hosting The Next Season Of The Story?

[7:10] Hilary’s Time With The Yankees

  • Hilary worked with the New York Yankees for 5 years where she helped build up their media properties.
  • The Yankees vs The A’s… which team is better?
    • The Yankees have… 27 World Championships
    • The A’s have… dollar hotdogs.
  • Working with the Yankees requires working under extreme pressure and deadlines and an expectation of excellence at all levels – which I really liked because it made me elevate my work.” -Hilary
  • Hilary’s experiences building a podcast that Yankees fans (and New Yorkers) like.

[13:15] Helping Someone Find Their Story

  • Hilary shares how she built a friendly relationship with Aaron Judge and the rest of the Yankees.
  • Shouts to: Taylor Swift.
  • The mindset that Hilary used when approaching player: They are baseball players for a few years, but they are humans forever.
  • Mentioned: Rich Eisen interviewing Aaron Rodgers.

[18:45] What Writers Can Learn From Being an Equestrian

  1. Dig your heels in.
    • “One of the best lessons that can translate from horseback riding to writing, is to keep your heels down. In horseback riding, you have to keep your heels down to keep yourself steady on your horse. In writing, you have to get your heels to the ground and you have to actually just do the work.” -Hilary
  2. If you do fall off, get back up.
    • “When you get thrown off in writing, your internal voice turns to self-censorship which can slow you down.”-Chad
    • Ian shares how he uses this method to ride bikes at Google…. (Yes, Ian did crash a Google bike.)
  3. Read.
    • In horseback riding, you can learn by watching other people. In writing, you can learn by reading the works of those you admire.

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