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Episode 194: Evaluating Opportunities With Fresh Eyes

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2019 will be your year of “Yes!”

Ian and Stephanie (and Grayson) sit down to talk about what opportunities you may be missing by not taking a chance on new people and new experiences. They also discuss why constantly saying “No” to new things is holding you back in life and business.

[2:00] Learning to Evaluate Opportunities With Clear Eyes

  • Around this time of the year, we often see people posting or talking about how “this will be the year I say no to everything.” We don’t agree with that. Instead, you should embrace and evaluate every deal, partnership, or new hire with a fresh perspective.
    • “Here at The Mission, we’ve found some of the best business and personal opportunities by saying yes to things and evaluating opportunities with clear eyes.” -Ian
  • “Say yes! There are so many opportunities waiting out there.” -Stephanie
  • “For most of the opportunities in your life, you have to use your own intuition and that’s really hard to do. What’s way easier to do is just say no.” -Ian Click to Tweet

[5:15] Why You Need to Get Coffee With Potential Hires

  • There’s a lot of hit pieces out there that say “we need to ban the get coffee conversation.” We disagree. Finding one amazing hire is worth sifting through the applications and meetings with the subpar applicants.
  • “[Incoherent baby noises]” -Grayson Click to Tweet
  • The caveat: If you are the type of person who says yes to everything and you find that you are hopping from project to project without the time to finish what you’ve started, then you should start saying no more. There’s not a one size fits all.

[7:40] Stop Saying No, Start Saying Yes

  • “When people get in a habit of saying no, that becomes habitual. You start to say no to everything.” – Ian
  • Put it on the quote board: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Click to tweet
  • Random Aside:
    • How to make a fire according to Steph and Ian: Take two sticks, put them on a rock, create friction and light the little fuzzy stuff. 🔥

[11:40] Create An Agenda For Your Meetings

  • Go to every meeting with an agenda with what you want to take away from it. This will help you access whether you actually need the meeting and, if you do, really get something from it.

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