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Episode 90: An Interview with Gusto CEO Josh Reeves

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Ian sits down with Gusto CEO Josh Reeves to discuss the future of payroll and how Gusto is looking to circumvent outdated HR systems.

Show Notes:

7:35 Building vs. fundraising and how the founders of Gusto divide their work
9:00 Gusto’s core goal and the original launch of the service
11:00 The ups and downs of the tech industry
14:00 How Gusto is organized
15:30 The importance of employee retention
16:30 Planning out and designing the Gusto team
19:25 How Gusto’s values came about
20:00 The Watermelon Program
22:45 Josh’s advice to new business founders
24:40 The future of payroll
27:30 Antiquated systems in HR
30:30 What goes into Josh’s long-term thinking and planning for Gusto
33:45 Lightning Round


Twilio SIGNAL Conference
The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank
The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin

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