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Episode 83: The Courage to Prevent Tragedies

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Speaking up is hard. It’s even more difficult when the chance of doing so could lead to you being disliked. Chad and Stephanie talk about why it’s so important to have the courage to speak up, and Chad gets personal about times he did and didn’t speak his mind that have affected him to this day.

Show Notes:

1:00 Book club discussion
1:55 Twilio shoutout
3:30 The importance of speaking up early on
4:30 Why we’re talking about this
6:50 The first example of speaking up
12:10 Embracing your own hurt
12:45 How Chad remembers quotes
14:10 The importance of dealing with anger and frustration in a healthy way
16:20 Three stories on the importance of speaking up
22:55 Information overload versus signal overload
24:26 The takeaway


The Courage to be Disliked
Rene Girard
IT Visionaries

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