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Episode 82: Special Guest Episode: Beyond Influential

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In this special episode, we flip the script and welcome Brittany Krystle of Beyond Influential to interview Chad about his origins, how he got his start and the philosophies he lives by.

Show Notes:

0:10 Chad’s intro and explanation about the interview
4:10 Brittany’s intro
6:45 Chad explains what The Mission is.
7:45 Chad talks about how/why he got into the military
9:48 Chad talks about where he grew up
13:15 Chad talks about the people he served with
14:30 Chad talks about his training
16:30 Why people leave the military
17:45 What Chad did when he left the military
20:05 How Chad funded his early projects
21:05 The first apps Chad developed
24:30 Chad’s interest in education
25:39 Why Medium and how Life Learning became The Mission
29:00 Chad meets the President
31:38 Why it’s important to convey the importance in the subject line
32:57 The Mission’s process for publishing pieces
34:30 The Mission’s demographics
35:54 How The Mission became what it is today (and its business model)
38:30 Why The Mission branched out into podcasts
40:40 The production process behind The Mission Daily
44:30 Mistakes Chad has made along the way
46:25 The future of The Mission
49:00 The importance of being in Palo Alto
50:46 The secret to being influential


Beyond Influential
Travels by Michael Crichton
Spheres by Michael Crichton
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