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Episode 81: Upgrading Your Mental Operating System

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Chad and Stephanie discuss why our interactions with others can sometimes stall, how to grow your relationships more and how to overcome criticisms and critiques from people you respect.

Show Notes:

0:08 Twilio Signal Conference discount
2:20 Why interactions with people get stalled
3:20 First way to upgrade your mental operating system (list out the nicest and most helpful things anyone has ever said to us)
6:00 Second way to upgrade your mental operating system (list out all the sacrifices people have made for you)
8:50 Third way to upgrade your mental operating system (let a person know how grateful you are in person)
11:24 How to deal with and forgive people
13:15 Figuring out the root of your frustrations and insecurities
14:10 Twilio shout out
16:20 Dealing with criticism from people you respect


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