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Episode 66: Russ Roberts and 7 Principles to Win Against Outrage Culture

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Prime your mind against outrage culture!

Today’s guest is Russ Roberts, a fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution and the host of the EconTalk podcast.

If you’re tired of echo chambers, negative social media, and a 24 hour news cycle that peddles fear, uncertainty, and doubt, you’ll want to listen because we dive deep into seven important principles to help you identify, escape, and outwit the outrage culture. We also cover some ideas and ways you can apply each of these seven principles to help you have peace of mind, more connection with friends and family… and a much better quality of life.

Show Notes:

3:22 – First principle

7:20 – Practicing the first principle

9:14 – Second principle

13:18 – Extra principle : try to be part of more than one tribe

14:49 – Third principle

19:54 – Fourth principle

24:00 – Fifth principle

26:52 – Sixth principle

28:18 – Seventh principle


1984 by Orwell

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