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Episode 61: Your Idea Maze

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Every startup was born from a single idea. But getting to that right idea and growing it into success takes work. Chad and Stephanie take you through some steps to help you navigate through the idea maze.

Show Notes:

0:33 – Discussion about limits
4:07 – Pop culture and media 
5:13 – Explaining about how a founder must not latch onto things
7:17 – Things to keep in mind when you’re in the maze
7:38 – Airbnb example
9:00 – Stuff to keep in mind; Step 1: History
12:43 – Step 2: Analogy
15:30 – Step 3: Theories
17:33 – Step 4: Direct Experience



The New New Thing by Michael Lewis (Book)

Where Wizards Stay Up Late by Katie Hafner (Book)

Why the future doesn’t need us? by Bill Joy (Article)

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