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Episode 59: AMA – How to Future Proof The Next Generation

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Stephanie received a AMA question on Instagram asking for advice on how to future-proof your kids. She and Chad dive deep into that topic with their ideas on raising children and how they’ve considered their approach when it comes to raising their own child.

Show Notes:

2:30 – Dive into developmental psychologist Jean Piaget
5:05 – Piaget’s findings
5:50 – Parents approaching them for advice and with questions about their three-month-old
7:29 – Talking about technology and children
9:25 – Books are a great technology that have proven the test of time
10:08 – Scientist in the Crib
11:00 – Wearable tracker for how much you talk to your kid


Works of Jean Piaget
The Scientist in the Crib

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