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Episode 160: Love, Marriage, and Common Misconceptions About Divorce

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We’re republishing one of our favorite interviews with Dr. Danielle Teller, author of All the Ever Afters and Sacred Cows. Dr. Teller shares her thoughts about marriage, societal misconceptions around divorce, and her inspirations behind writing her two books.

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Show Notes:

1:37 – Dr. Teller’s Background and Her Writing.

4:23 – How She Became A Doctor and Scientist

17:37 – The Backstory on Her First Marriage

19:54 – Dr. Teller’s Inspiration Behind Sacred Cows

21:26 – Why Our Society Throws Shade At People Who Are Going Through Divorce

23:52 – Common Misconceptions About Divorce and Its Effect on Children

28:00 – How Dr. Teller Deals with Criticism

31:00 – Dr. Teller’s Advice for Couples

32:52 – The Inspiration Behind Her Second Book, All the Ever Afters

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All the Ever Afters
Sacred Cows
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