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Episode 158: The Peaks and Valleys of Travel with Rolf Potts

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Rolf Potts is an American travel writer, essayist, and author. He has written multiple books including Vagabonding, Souvenir, and Marco Polo Didn’t Go There. His travel writing has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Outside, Salon.com, Slate.com, The Guardian, and World Hum. In this episode, Rolf shares his thoughts on the peaks and valleys of travel and the value of souvenirs.

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Show Notes:

2:00 – How To View Fear and Doubt

8:30 – How To Blaze Your Own Trail

13:10 – Using Writing to Explore Experiences

20:00 – The Peaks and Valleys of Travel

22:00 – The Value of Souvenirs

29:40 – The Traveler’s Journey

31:30 – The Non-Traditional Approach to Creating Families

34:40 – Rolf’s Final Three Pieces of Advice

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