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Episode 136: The Ways and Means of Decreasing Housing Costs

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Marty Kooistra is the Executive Director of the Housing Development Consortium for Seattle and King County. In this interview, Marty shares his thoughts on ways we can decrease housing costs and why we need an exponential solution for the housing crisis.

This week The Mission Daily is presenting interviews from our new podcast, The Future of Cities. You can subscribe to The Future of Cities by visiting themission.co/cities.

Show Notes

1:19 – Marty’s Background in Construction

5:30 – Why We Need An Exponential Solution for The Housing Crisis

7:10 – What We Need To Fix The Housing Problem from The Ground Up

11:10 – The Ways We Can Decrease Housing Costs

17:40 – Marty’s Starting Point for Affordable Housing

27:15 – The Lightning Round

Habitat for Humanity
Housing Development Consortium for Seattle
Forged in Fire
The Voice

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