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Episode 134: A Housing Crisis Is on the Horizon

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Craig Curtis is the Head of Architecture at Katerra, a technology-driven offsite construction company. In this interview, Craig shares with us why it’s crucial to build better with a looming housing crisis on the horizon. He also shares how innovations in construction can revitalize resort towns like Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This week The Mission Daily is presenting interviews from our new podcast, The Future of Cities. You can subscribe to The Future of Cities by visiting themission.co/cities.

Show Notes

1:30 – Craig’s Favorite City

2:30 – What Makes A City Great

3:30 – How Craig Started With Katerra

6:30 – How Katerra is Balancing Some of the Problems in the Architecture Industry

13:00 – How Technology Plays a Role In Katerra’s Projects

17:45 – Katerra’s Design Consortium And How It’s Being Used

21:30 – How Katerra Views Sustainability

23:20 – What Is Net Zero Building

31:20 – The Future Trends in Construction and Architecture

35:45 – The Lightning Round

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