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Episode 132: The Value of Mobility Within a City

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Ian sat down with Ryan Popple, President and CEO of Proterra. In this interview, they discussed electric vehicles, how diesel buses are costing us money, and the value of mobility in a city. This week The Mission Daily is presenting interviews from our new podcast, The Future of Cities. You can subscribe to The Future of Cities by visiting themission.co/cities.

Show Notes:

1:00 – How Ryan Defines A Great City

5:30 – How Proterra Has Grown and Changed The Last Four Years

8:45 – The Problem With Diesel Buses

13:15 – Why Diesel Buses Aren’t Cost Efficient

18:00 – Why You Can’t Build a Model to Anticipate Change in Cities

27:00 – A Future of Electric Mass Transit

36:40 – The Value of Mobility Within a City

39:00 – How Electric Buses Work

47:00 – The Future of Traditional Cars

48:00 – The Lightning Round


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