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Episode 129: Future Trends, Data, and Building Better Roads With Di-Ann Eisnor

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In this episode, Ian sat down with Di-Ann Eisnor, former Director of Growth for Waze and current Director for Google’s Area 120. Together, they talked about how cities and companies are beginning to use data collection, future trends in city design, and how technology can help us experience cities.

Show Notes:

2:00 – Di-Ann’s Background

4:15 – What is Area 120?

7:50 – Di-Ann’s Favorite Cities

12:50 – Future Trends in City Design

16:30 – Los Angeles’ Parking Lot Problem

21:45 – How Waze Started As a Literal Blank Slate

24:50 – How Waze Used Data to Aid FEMA During Superstorm Sandy

27:10 – Democratization of Data

31:00 – Smart Cities and How Technology Can Help Us Experience Cities

36:00 – How Di-Ann and Lupe Fiasco Know Each Other

39:00 – Agriculture and Scaling Food in Urban Environments

44:00 – The Lightning Round

46:00 – Ian Gets Lightning Round Questions from Di-Ann


Area 120

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