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Episode 128: Home-Sharing, Multi-Use Spaces, and Airbnb

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Ian Faison sat down with Chris Lehane, Head of Global Policy and Communications for Airbnb. Together they talked about how homes are changing, the greatest natural resource of any community, and how Airbnb wants to influence how you experience a city.

Show Notes:

5:22 – How 100,000 Years of Human Evolution Have Led to Modern Hospitality

9:00 – How Airbnb is Utilizing People-to-People Engagement

12:00 – How Cities Will be Changing in the Coming Years

21:30 – The Concept of Multi-Use Spaces

25:20 – Why Poor Policy Sometimes Stagnates Innovation

30:00 – How Airbnb is Laying the Groundwork for the Future

42:20 – How House-Sharing Makes Cities More Accessible

44:20 – The Lightning Round


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