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Episode 127: The Life, Death and Rebirth of Detroit with Jed Howbert

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In this episode, Ian Faison sat down with Jed Howbert, Former Group Executive Chief for Planning, Housing and Development for the city of Detroit. Together they discussed the rebirth of Detroit and what the city is doing to adapt and attract new residents.

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Show Notes:

2:09 – Jed’s Role At The City of Detroit

5:10 – Learning To Plan For A Future You May Not See.

14:20 – The First Steps In Rebuilding Detroit

19:00 – Why Cities Need to Differentiate Themselves

23:00 – How Do You Bring People Downtown?

26:00 – Detroit’s Affordable Housing With The Future In Mind.

38:14 – How Detroit Uses Data Analysis

51:15 – Bringing Natural Beauty to Cities

54:15 – The Lightning Round


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