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Episode 126: The Future of Construction and How To Incentivize Change with Trevor Schick

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In this episode, Ian Faison sat down with Trevor Schick, President of Katerra Materials, to talk about the future of construction. They discussed sustainability in building materials, how to incentivize change in stagnant businesses and why you need to be optimizing your materials. This week and next, The Mission Daily will be presenting interviews from our brand spanking new podcast, The Future of Cities. You can download The Future of Cities now at themission.co/cities

Show Notes:

1:45 – How Trevor Got Into Construction

9:25 – Why Wood Is A More Sustainable Building Material

16:00 – Why We Need Quick, Reliable Turnaround On Construction

24:30 – Balancing Risk With Reward

33:28 – Why Sustainable Business Models Are Important

38:00 – The Lightning Round


The Future of Cities
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