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Episode 125: Scooters, Cars And The Future of Shared Transportation with Emily Warren

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This week and next, The Mission Daily will be presenting interviews from our brand spanking new podcast, The Future of Cities. You can download The Future of Cities now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

In this episode, Ian Faison chats with Emily Warren, Senior Director for Policy and Public Affairs at Lime. They talked about the future of transportation, why we are about to see a “Cambrian Explosion of transportation options, and why you might never want to own a car again.

Show Notes:

1:45 – What Makes A City Great

8:00 – The Difference Between Buying And Renting And Why That Difference Is Important

18:00 – The Future Of Shared Transportation

26:00 – Ride-Sharing And Its Influence On The Future Of Urban Design

32:56 – Modern Transportation and The Cambrian Explosion

36:27 – Who’s Really Using Lime?

42:30 – Lightning Round


The Future of Cities
L.A. Lakers
99% Invisible

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