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Episode 123: Time, A Whale, and The Quest For Work-Life Balance

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How much time should be devoted to work? How much time should be dedicated to socializing? What does a whale have to do with any of this? In this episode of The Mission Daily, Chad and Stephanie talk about finding ways to balance work and life and what Moby Dick can teach you about work and passion.

Show Notes:

4:25 – Stephanie’s Advice On How To Balance Work And Life And Why Sometimes It’s Not Necessary

6:05 – Chad’s Take On Work-Life Balance And Whaling

11:00 – An Important Passage From Moby Dick That Explains Work

12:25 – Captain Ahab and Herman Melville Explain Simulation Theory

14:25 – Why You Should Be Ishmael, Not Captain Ahab


Moby Dick by Herman Melville
Persecution and the Art of Writing

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