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Episode 122: How Melrose Place Helped Shannon Duffy Become A Marketing Whiz

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On this edition of The Mission Daily, Mission Co-Founder Ian Faison sits down with Shannon Duffy, SVP of Product Marketing at Salesforce. Together, they discussed how to build a team you can trust, how the show Melrose Place inspired Shannon to get into marketing, and what it takes to keep the complex simple.

This interview is an exclusive preview of our upcoming podcast release, Marketing Trends.

Show Notes:

2:15 – What Shannon Works On At SalesForce

4:45 – How Melrose Place Inspired Shannon To Get Into Marketing

9:05 – How Salesforce is Making Platform Development More Accessible

12:05 – What Marketers Need to Be Aware Of

13:15 – Why You’ll Need To Learn to Trust Your Gut

19:45 – How to Keep the Complex Simple

27:15 – How Shannon Views Team Building And Culture

32:30 – Lightning Round Questions


IT Visionaries
Melrose Place
Mad Men
Candy Crush
Britney Spears
Bad Blood by Elizabeth Holmes
The Walking Dead

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