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Episode 120: Here’s The Hardest And Most Valuable Habit You’ll Want To Learn

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Anger can be a powerful and destructive emotion. Without the proper tools to harness it, it can negatively impact your life, your work and those around you. In this episode, Chad and Stephanie discuss how to identify the real source of your anger, how to avoid taking it out on others, and quick, effective ways to get out of the cycle of anger and frustration.

Show Notes:

2:10 – Why We Take Out Our Frustrations On Others

7:05 – Identifying Negative Traits You Don’t Want To Emulate

9:50 – Key Indicators of When You’re Taking Your Anger Out on Someone In The Moment

11:15 – The Future of Words and Language

13:50 – Quick and Effective Ways To Get Out Of The Cycle of Anger and Frustrations


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