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Episode 113: The Future of Biotech with Karsten Temme

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Chad sits down with Doctor Karsten Temme, the CEO of Pivot Bio, a company that researches and develops sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods. In this episode, Chad and Dr. Temme talk synthetic biology, the new wave of biotechnology and start-ups and why we won’t need fertilizer for crops much longer.

Show Notes:

1:00 What does Dr. Temme study and the mission of Pivot
2:04 The agricultural industry needs to start rethinking how it uses fertilizers
7:43 The difficulties of funding a biotech start-up
12:30 How to integrate the living and nonliving aspects of an environment and develop holistic solution to environmental issues
15:20 How Pivot’s products actually work and how Dr. Temme and his cofounder began to secure seed funds (no pun intended).
24:11 The lightning round


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