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Episode 112: Life, Music, and Silicon Valley with Divine

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We’re back with all new episodes and interviews! In this episode, Chad talked with hip hop artist, tech influencer and recent Silicon Valley transplant Divine. They talked about Divine’s life and the lessons he learned from being incarcerated to becoming a major player in the tech industry.

Show Notes:

1:40 Divine’s origins and growing up in Rhode Island
11:47 Divine’s first run-in with the law
20:55 The prison sentence
24:30 The failings of the private prison system
25:44 Dealing with incarceration as a young father
27:00 Divine’s release from prison and how he dealt with being a free man
28:00 The difficulties of finding work as an ex-con
30:27 Recidivism and Divine’s second prison sentence
32:50 Using psychology as a way to reflect on your life
34:00 How Divine initially met Ben Horowitz and the connecting factor between them
39:00 How Divine built up a relationship with Ben
45:00 The first album is released


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