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Episode 11: The 10 Elon Musk Backstories You Need to Know

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This exciting episode jumps into one of the unknown backstories of someone famous that everyone THINKS they know. 

His story perfectly illustrates what accelerated learning is all about, why it matters, and how you can start to speed up your own learning today. 

This is the story of an immigrant who taught himself to live on $2 a day, to remove his fear of poverty, who was so shy that when he was applying for a job, he stopped into the lobby and didn’t talk to anyone… and just walked out. 

He would then learn to crush the job, and future ones, and go on to get his first investment… a wad of $5,000 bills from a guy in his bathrobe, then raised more money by telling investors that he’d, “commit seppuku rather than fail” (that’s the Japanese word for suicide). 

That guy was… Elon Musk. Cliche example, but one everyone knows… or do they? 

In this episode, we jump into 10 unknown backstories or takeaways from Elon Musk’s life: 

  • How he removed his fear of poverty 
  • About learning to use a first principles approach to challenges 
  • On taking intelligent risks 
  • Doing things before you’re “ready” 
  • Knowing when to concede, form alliances, and when to let things go 
  • Why friends and family matter 
  • When to commit and invest yourself fully into one thing until it’s successful 
  • How to form lifelong friendships based on shared philosophies, actions, loyalty, trust, and respect 
  • On narcissistic wounds 
  • How to take full agency over our lives 

Listen to the full episode of The Mission Daily for the full story!

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