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Episode 107: The 3 Skills Nobody Wants to Master, Revisited

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In case you missed it, The Mission Daily is re-releasing our first ten-part series on accelerated learning! For those who’ve listened to us from the start, it’s a good opportunity to revisit these important tips for how to be a better you. For those who are new to TMD, this series provides a great jumping on point and education into what, exactly, accelerated learning is.

In today’s episode, Chad and Stephanie talk about the three most important skills to master and why people rarely choose to invest time into mastering them.

Show Notes:

1:50 The three skills to master for a better life; reading, writing, and speaking
2:50 Stephanie’s experience on how to be a better speaker
3:20 Why these three skills?
4:55 Reading and writing are skills that are sharpened through repetition
6:30 Chad and Stephanie’s experiences with these principles and why Stephanie used to have issues with them
9:30 How to begin to master these skills
12:30 How to choose what to read and why you should take recommendations with a grain of salt
15:20 Why you need to start writing down all of your problems
17:50 Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA)
20:15 How Chad nearly got into a career in stand-up comedy


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