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Episode 105: Creating Value and Making More Money, Revisited

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In case you missed it, The Mission Daily is re-releasing our first ten-part series on accelerated learning! For those who’ve listened to us from the start, it’s a good opportunity to revisit these important tips for how to be a better you. For those who are new to TMD, this series provides a great jumping on point and education into what, exactly, accelerated learning is.

In this episode, Chad and Ian talk about how to ethically create more value and money in your life, how Seinfeld almost didn’t get off the ground and Ian’s favorite chicken recipe.

Show Notes:

What is entrepreneurship and the three ways to create more value and money
Tip number one on how to create value: Let your dreams be memes
Ian’s favorite chicken recipe
-For your idea to have value, it has to be simple. Simple and easy ideas can pass from person to person faster than complex ones can. Take whatever business, invention, etc. that you’re thinking about and pare it down to its simplest and most concise version.
Tip number two on how to create value: It only takes the support of one person
Life lessons learned from Seinfeld
-When Jerry Seinfeld initially pitched Seinfeld, he only had one supporter. That one supporter helped Jerry get the show picked up and approved for more episodes after the show’s pilot flopped. Having even one fervent supporter can make a world of difference in the success of your ideas.
Tip number three on how to create value: Start small and work hard
-Seinfeld initially had only four episodes approved. Nobody at NBC (with the exception of his one supporter) believed the show would last. But Jerry put his heart and soul into those four episodes. Thanks to his hard work, the show got approved for an entire season. And we all know where the story goes from there.
Disputing the definition of what an entrepreneur is
-Being an entrepreneur is about more than making money, it’s about making value. An entrepreneur is someone who brings something totally new into the world. Somebody can run or operate a business and have zero entrepreneurial spirit. Being entrepreneurial is a state of mind and behavior, not (necessarily) a position.


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